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Ever-Glo provides janitorial and landscaping services primarily in Oakland and Macomb Counties. 

Since 1986, Ever-Glois a for-profit consumer owned and operated business providing job training and employment. As employee/owners, consumers are encouraged to learn the development of professional work habits

and skills. Consumers are involved in all levels of the business including marketing, quality control and fiscal


Ever-Glo is governed by a consumer Board of Directors with business and officer meetings.  Community
business professionals are utilized for consultation, current service issues and trends.

Ever-Glo Landscaping

Services include:

Lawn mowing – Turf will be completely and evenly mowed at a height most suitable for the species and the locations specific needs.

Bed maintenance – Shrub beds will be weeded during the year or as often as you request or as selected in your contracted services.

Spring and fall clean-up – we offer Spring and Fall clean up services to all current customers and can be added at any time.

Additional services available:


Tree trimming

Recommendation and application of fertilizer   

Power Washing 

Gutter Cleaning 

Ever-Glo Landscaping is available for quotes anytime. For summer lawn care contracts, March is the best time of year to contact Ever-Glo Landscaping for free estimates for lawn care services.

Ever-Glo Janitorial Services

Services include:

Ever-Glo Janitorial specializes in small commercial contracts and can be contacted anytime for free estimates for commercial contracts.

To obtain quotes for services, to obtain employment or to hear more about Ever-Glo

please contact Matthew or Jason at 248-352-4995 or submit on our contact page. 

Mission Statement

D & M Consultants, Inc. is committed to the provision of quality service for persons with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities by offering choices that include housing, recreational, vocational and therapeutic opportunities.

Vision Statement

In facilitation of this mission, it is the vision of  D&M Consultants, Inc. that individuals we serve will recognize their self worth, find fulfillment through achievement and overcome defeat through perseverance.  In attainment of this vision, individuals we serve will become integral contributors to the community in which they live.

Value Statement

Opportunities that provide employment for the Individuals we serve.  A commitment to a recovery model of rehabilitation. Opportunities to educate the consumers they serve on areas that are of interest to them. The rewards achieved through learning the process of interdependence