D & M Consultants, Inc.
Fair Weather Lodges, Supported Independence Programs, Specialized Residential Homes with a "Choice" Option.
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Celebrating 30 years of providing Mental Health Services

What is "Supported Living?"
Supported Living is an environment where an individual with disabilities is assisted to live independently of an institution. The home may be an apartment unit or a single family house. The individual is helped to learn increased independence in life skills at home and in community involvement, as well. These life skills may include banking and budgeting skills, household skills such as cooking and cleaning, community interaction skills, grooming and hygiene skills, etc. Support may be provided for specific hours less than 24 or for a full 24 hours depending on need and/or program.

How do I get my son/daughter into one of your residential sites?
The many different programs we offer have varying requirements on admission. Please call our office at 248.641.7200 or via the “contact us” link on this site to obtain information specific to the type and location of the program you are interested in.

Can a family member of an individual receiving services be employed by you at the home the relative lives in?
In general, our policy prohibits the employment of relatives at sites where they have a family member residing. However, each situation is reviewed by the Director and exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

What is a Direct Care Staff?
A Direct Care Staff (DCS) works in the home with individuals that have disabilities. The DCS provides guidance and support in the daily activities that cannot otherwise be accomplished by the individual on their own. The DCS is key in these individuals’ lives and helping them enjoy life.

Do all of your sites have 24 hour supports?
No. We have various programs that provide both specific hours/days of support and those that provide 24 hour supports.

Does your company have transportation available?
Yes! We provide full transportation based upon the individual’s needs. We have a fleet of approximately 100 vehicles which includes full size vans, wheelchair accessible vans, minivans, and vehicles. We provide transportation to doctor appointments, community outings, etc.

Mission Statement

D & M Consultants, Inc. is committed to the provision of quality service for persons with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities by offering choices that include housing, recreational, vocational and therapeutic opportunities.

Vision Statement

In facilitation of this mission, it is the vision of  D&M Consultants, Inc. that individuals we serve will recognize their self worth, find fulfillment through achievement and overcome defeat through perseverance.  In attainment of this vision, individuals we serve will become integral contributors to the community in which they live.

Value Statement

Opportunities that provide employment for the Individuals we serve.  A commitment to a recovery model of rehabilitation. Opportunities to educate the consumers they serve on areas that are of interest to them. The rewards achieved through learning the process of interdependence