D & M Consultants, Inc.
Fair Weather Lodges, Supported Independence Programs, Specialized Residential Homes with a "Choice" Option.
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Celebrating 30 years of providing Mental Health Services

D & M Consultants, Inc. provides an array of comprehensive services to support a unique psychosocial rehabilitation model that enable mentally ill consumers to attain maximum levels of independence.  The services include employment in Ever-Glo, a for-profit consumer owned and operated janitorial service company founded in 1986.
In addition to employment in a consumer owned business, services provided include, but are not limited to, the following:


* Job Skill Development

*Psychosocial counseling and crisis management 

*Twenty Four (24) hour on - call monitoring

*Community medical care coordination

*Nutritional Counseling

*Social Security & Medicaid assistance

*Medication training and monitoring

*Living skill development & Individual case management

*Specialized Residential Placement with 24 hour staffing

*Coordination with the Michigan Department of Corrections/Lifeways

*Parole Coordination

*Habilitation Training 

*Social Skills Training and Development 

*Crisis Management

D&M Consultants, Inc. provides services in a Specialized Residential Setting. With 24 hour staffing support, consumers are provided with a wide range of services. To name a few; medication assistance is provided along with assurance of dietary compliance, social skill development, habilitation training, coordination of physical and mental health care, transportation, recreational opportunities, etc. D&M Consultants, Inc. staff provide these supports under the guidelines of Person Centered.

D&M Consultants, Inc. provides Transitional Living Support to offenders returning to the community. Prior to placement in a D&M program, risk assesments along with inventory of needed levels of service are conducted to identify mental health or social supports required. Further identification of substance abuse education and treatment is also identified. Additional services provided by D&M to offenders include; physical and mental health care coordination, monitor compliance of parole requirements, social skill development, and identification along with application of govermental entitlements.

Mission Statement

D & M Consultants, Inc. is committed to the provision of quality service for persons with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities by offering choices that include housing, recreational, vocational and therapeutic opportunities.

Vision Statement

In facilitation of this mission, it is the vision of  D&M Consultants, Inc. that individuals we serve will recognize their self worth, find fulfillment through achievement and overcome defeat through perseverance.  In attainment of this vision, individuals we serve will become integral contributors to the community in which they live.

Value Statement

Opportunities that provide employment for the Individuals we serve.  A commitment to a recovery model of rehabilitation. Opportunities to educate the consumers they serve on areas that are of interest to them. The rewards achieved through learning the process of interdependence